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Tired of skyrocketing energy bills and unreliable heating in your SoHo home? Want to save up to 65% on your HVAC energy costs, contribute to a greener future, and get paid? Thanks to generous tax credits and local rebates you can receive significant financial returns for installing a heat pump in NYC. Partner with Dezier Air, a professional HVAC company in SoHo, to lower heating and cooling costs and embrace greener technology.

How Heat Pumps Work

Unlike traditional furnaces, which burn fuel to generate heat and use bulky ductwork, a heat pump is an all-in-one HVAC system that generates cool air and heat. Think about it, an all-in-one system can not only save you thousands on energy costs— you could potentially save money on maintenance and repairs too.


Think a Heat Pump Isn’t Warm Enough?

It Is! Our systems keep you warm and comfortable, even in the winter months. Dezier Air uses modern HVAC heat pump systems designed for colder climates. Even when it's freezing outside, heat is still in the air – you might not feel it, but it's there!


Think HEAT Pumps Are Too Expensive?

Think again. Rebates and tax incentives make heat pumps surprisingly affordable. Plus, you could cut your heating costs in half by switching to electric and ditching gas bills – saving you money year after year.

Why NYC Loves Heat Pumps

  • Big Savings: Slash your heating costs compared to traditional furnaces, which is extremely cost-effective because of NYC's high energy prices.


  • Year-Round Comfort: Heat pumps handle both heating and cooling, eliminating the need for separate AC units.


  • Breathe Easy: Heat pumps filter the air, improving indoor air quality and reducing allergens.


  • Modern & Efficient: Unlike bulky furnace systems, heat pumps offer a ductless, space-saving design perfect for NYC apartments.


  • Go Green: Help SoHo reach its climate goals! Run your heating and cooling without burning fossil fuels.


Clean Heat Partnership

Did you know substantial rebates can help cover the cost of your heat pump installation? Dezier Air, your New York-based heat pump expert, helps you navigate the process for maximum savings.

Get A Quote

Contact Dezier Air, your SoHo heat pump specialist, for a free consultation and see how a modern, eco-friendly heating and cooling solution can transform your home.

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